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Nordic Ware Blossom Bundt Pan

Blossom Bundt Pan
A large display of fresh flowers is a wonderful centerpiece, especially during the spring when we are all starting to look for pops of color after a grey winter. You can choose any kind of flowers to make your center piece, but I suspect that none of them will look quite as impressive as an edible flower, which is essentially what Nordic Ware’s Blossom Bundt Pan is. This bundt pan is covered with a tremendous number of tiny flower petals that make it look a bit like a round, blooming dahlia. The pan itself is so pretty that you almost don’t need to do anything but put it on display – but fortunately, it bakes a cake that is equally impressive when it comes out, so you won’t be too tempted to buy this pan and simply store it without putting it to good use!

The heavy duty pan is made of cast aluminum for even baking and browning, and it has a nonstick finish to ensure that you get a clean release when baking. Pans like this have so much detail that it is usually safest to lightly grease the pan before pouring in your batter, rather than relying on the nonstick coating, just in case part of the cake gets stuck in one of the petals. You want to ensure that your flower looks flawless when you’ve finished, not like someone tried to pluck a few petals from it.

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