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Silicone Brownie Bowls

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Brownie Bowls
Sometimes all it takes to take a baked good from good to great is using a pan that has a little extra flair to it. For instance, baking a cake in a fancy bundt pan instead of making it into a sheet cake gives it a lot of personality. These Silicone Brownie Bowls from Chicago Metallic have the same kind of effect. The molds are designed to allow you to bake two generously sized (5.25-inch) bowl-shaped brownies, turning a plain brownie into a base for all kinds of other desserts easily. The bowls can be filled with ice cream, whipped cream, fruit and just about anything you can think of. They’re also an easy building block for a dessert like a baked alaska.

Although they’re called “Brownie Bowls,” you could easily use these silicone forms to make other bowl-shaped treats. They would be a great base for sponge cake to turn into a strawberry shortcake or other fruity desserts. You could also use them to freeze ice cream bombes (ice cream bowls to be filled with different flavors of ice cream for a layered look) or to mold gelatin and other cold treats. The shape gives you a lot of presentation options and room to have a little bit of fun with your plating.

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  • Kitchen Cici
    August 6, 2013

    How clever! Could also use them to make chocolate chip cookie bowls for ice cream….

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