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Bites from other Blogs

Bites from other Blogs

  • Baker By Nature‘s Apple Pie Calzones may look similar to a traditional pocket apple pie, but these treats are a little more substantial and are a lot more satisfying to bite into when you are looking for a comforting slice of apple pie and don’t have one handy. Like a traditional calzone, they’re made with a pizza dough that is rolled thin and wrapped around a filling. Unlike a traditional calzone, the filling here is a sweet, spiced apple pie filling. The calzones are generously coated with butter, cinnamon and sugar before baking to give them a deep golden brown color and a little extra sweetness.
  • The two best things for warming up on a cold day are hot foods and spicy foods. You might think about savory foods when you think about spice, but these Ginger Toffee Cookies from The Cafe Sucre Farine will put sweets high on the list of your spicy food list. The spicy, chewy cookies are loaded with cinnamon, cloves and crystallized ginger, so they have a lot of flavor. They’re also rich with molasses, brown sugar and toffee bits, so there is plenty of sweetness to counter all that spice. It’s a classic combination of flavors that you can’t go wrong with – and they’re perfect for pairing with coffee or tea on a cold night.
  • A batch of Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Scones with Honey Cream from Half Full seems like a great way to start off a casual weekend brunch. What you can’t tell at first glance is that these scones are gluten free and vegan. They’re made with coconut oil and coconut milk, instead of the butter and cream often found in scones. This gives the scones a hint of coconut flavor, which you could boost further with shredded coconut if you are a coconut lover. The scones are made with ground and rolled oats, which gives them a nutty flavor and a very tender texture.
  • The only thing better than a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie is a whole handful of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, especially when those cookies are the Teeny-Tiny Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies that Greens & Chocolate baked. I’ve had cookies like these before from Trader Joe’s, and their size, flavor and crispy texture all work together to make them addictive. It does take a little more time to shape all those individual cookies than it does to shape a few large ones, but the baking time is much shorter and it won’t actually take much longer to finish the whole batch. You can eat just one – buy where is the fun in that?
  • Inside BruCru Life‘s Caramel Coconut Brownies are reminiscent of those popular Samoas girl scout cookies when it comes to flavors, even though you’ll get completely different textures with these bars. They’re made with a chocolate brownie base and topped with a decadent layer of caramel and coconut. The caramel in the topping comes from dulce de leche, so it has a particularly rich sweetness and those great caramelized dairy notes that you won’t find in ordinary caramels. The dulce de leche gives the topping a lot of complexity, even though it is simple to make, and it goes very well with the fudgy brownies below.

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