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  • I love the sweet, tangy and floral flavor of passion fruit and will take just about any excuse to put it into a dessert. There is no need for an excuse to make a recipe like Savory Simple‘s Passion Fruit Sorbet because the recipe has just three ingredients and is easy to whip up. All you need is sugar, water and passion fruit puree, which you can make yourself or buy frozen (sometimes canned) at a well stocked grocery or specialty store. The sorbet churns up quickly once the base is made, and you’re left with an incredibly refreshing summertime treat.
  • Strawberries are in season for the summer and Brooklyn Galley kicked off the season with a Strawberry Rhubarb Buckle. A buckle is like a fruit cobbler, but with a cake-like base that really absorbs a lot of the moisture from the fruit. The cake for this buckle is moist and tender, made with sour cream and flavored with a little bit of lemon zest. Fresh strawberries and rhubarb both go nicely with that hint of lemon, and compliment each other very well. And of course, their bright pink color makes the finished buckle look very striking! This particular variation is also topped off with a crumb topping that ties everything together.
  • If you think that the White Chocolate Salted Caramel Gooey Bars from Cupcakes and Kale Chips sound over-the-top, you would probably be right. These bar cookies are packed with flavor and have a rich, almost gooey (hence the name) texture. You can’t miss the fact that they are loaded with white chocolate chips and a generous amount of homemade salted caramel sauce. Sweet and salty, these bars will be a winning treat at any bake sale or potluck this summer… but you might not want to bake up a whole batch unless you have someone to share them with!
  • Focaccia is one type of bread that everyone should learn to make. It’s not difficult and there are an endless number of  variations that you can put on it so that you can pair it with just about anything, sweet or savory. The Lemon and Sea Salt Focaccia that Girl Versus Dough baked is a great example of what you can do with focaccia. This beautiful bread is topped with thin slices of lemon, doused with olive oil and sprinkled with fresh rosemary. It’s a wonderful flavor combination in many dishes, and really sets the bread apart – in both flavor and looks – from other loaves.

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