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  • If winter weather is getting you down, a batch of Ruby Red Grapefruit Sandwich Cookies could bring a little ray of sunshine into the kitchen to brighten up your day, and Alaska from Scratch baked up a batch of these to do just that. The sandwich cookies have a filling that is flavored with both grapefruit zest and grapefruit juice, which gives the cookies a lot of zip. The cookie dough itself is also infused with grapefruit zest and juice, giving each sandwich a double dose of sweet-tart grapefruit so you get a lot of flavor when you’re eating them.
  • A few years ago, I baked a Chocolate Cake with a Raspberry Mousse Heart for Valentine’s Day using a pan that allowed me to hide a heart shape at the center of a cake. Very Culinary was able to make a cake that delivered a very similar effect with no special pan necessary. This Valentine’s Day Peekaboo Pound Cake has a tunnel of pink heart shapes throughout a regular pound cake. The trick is baking two cakes, slicing one and cutting it into heart shapes with a cookie cutter. These hearts are then set up all in a row in another baking pan and surrounded with cake batter. The new cake is then baked and the hearts are revealed when you cut your first slice. This technique is used here with box cake mix, so it is easy enough for anyone to give it a try!
  •  The Surprise Inside Valentine’s Day Pound Cake from Cup of Sugar, Pinch of Salt uses just about the same technique as Very Culinary’s cake above to get a row of hearts inside of a delicious pound cake. The difference with this recipe is that it actually uses two flavors of cake! The hearts at the center of the cake are made from homemade red velvet cake, with a deep burgundy color that really stands out against the vanilla pound cake that surrounds it. You could also try the technique with other favorite recipes, building a chocolate heart inside of your vanilla cake, or switching the flavors around so that you get a light colored heart inside of a darker exterior cake.
  • You don’t need the excuse of a holiday to enjoy My San Francisco Kitchen‘s Raspberry Hand Pies. These easy to make miniature pies have a homemade raspberry filling sandwiched between layers of flaky, buttery pie crust. The filling is not as thick as it would be for an apple pie, so it will help keep your kitchen a little neater if you have a mini pie press to help you fill and seal the pies, but even if you end up getting some of the filling on your counter while you work, the results will still be delicious.
  • Red velvet cakes are typically made with red food coloring to ensure that they have a vibrant color. Momtastic‘s Raspberry Velvet Cupcakes deliver the look of a red velvet cake without the food coloring. They’re not actually red velvet, however. These cupcakes are really raspberry cupcakes, and they are bursting with raspberry flavor because they are packed with three cups of raspberries to give them a rich color and flavor. There is a hint of cocoa in them as a nod to the original red velvet, but these are cupcakes that you will especially enjoy if you are a lover of berries instead of traditional red velvet cakes. This recipe is gluten free, but you could use the same technique with a traditional cupcake, as well.

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