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iSpoon Kitchen Stylus

iSpoon Kitchen Stylus

It is great to keep your tablet handy in the kitchen, whether it is an iPad or some other tablet, since you can easily reference all your favorite recipes, blogs (like Baking Bites, of course) and even whole cookbooks as you cook without cluttering up your counterspace. The downside of keeping a tablet in the kitchen is that there is always a chance you might spill something on it, or simply mark up the screen with dirty fingers. There are stands out there that will keep your tablet out of harm’s way, and the iSpoon Kitchen Stylus will keep your sticky cookie dough-covered fingers off the screen. The stylus is a wooden kitchen spoon with a tablet-friendly stylus on one end, so you get two cook-friendly tools in one!

The stylus is just over 7-inches long, which makes it fairly small for a kitchen spoon, but it is still handy for any smaller kitchen tasks where you need a quick stir. Otherwise, it is just a fun accessory to keep in your kitchen until you’re ready to use it.

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