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Getting a clean cake slice

flexible cake spatulaAfter mentioning the bake-in pie spatula, I began to wonder if there was an equivalent product for cakes, and if there wasn’t, why not. The first slice of a cake is at least as difficult to get out of the pan as the first slice of a pie, especially for homemade cakes, which are often frosted and served straight from the pan. It’s hard to jam a regular, square cake server into the corner of a 9×13 pan for a clean first piece.

I eventually found a Bake-In Cake/Brownie Spatula that is almost identical to the pie server. Unfortunately, it seems to have been discontinued and my search had to head in another direction. Happily, I came across a neat spatula that promises to be able to deliver that first slice of cake cleanly. The Stainless Steel Flexible Spatula is made of very thin, but sturdy, metal that curves under and around a slice of cake. It works best when used against the side of the pan (getting that first corner slice) and especially if you are using a pan with slightly curved edges, such as a pyrex sheet pan. Though it is flexible, it is still sturdy enough to lift out a piece of cake or a slice of brownie without worry that it can’t handle the weight. The spatula works just as well with additional slices, too, of course.

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  • White On Rice Couple
    January 29, 2008

    Thanks for the info! We haven’t come across this new toy yet, but will run by our local kitchen store and get one. It looks so handy!

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