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Rome’s #62 Original S’more Maker, reviewed

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Rome's #62 Original S'more Maker, reviewed
The most traditional way to make s’mores is over an open fire. You skewer a marshmallow on a stick and roast it over the open flame, then quickly sandwich it between two graham crackers with a chunk of Hershey’s chocolate. S’mores are so popular, however, that you don’t need to be out camping to indulge in them anymore. You can make them over bbqs and backyard fire pits at home, and I’ve even seen people make them over the burners on their stove when the craving strikes (effective, but not recommended). There have been some innovations in the technology used to make the s’mores, too, and there are a variety of smoother, cleaner sticks that are idea for skewering marshmallows than there used to be. But even more impressive than a nice roasting stick is something like Rome’s #62 Original S’more Maker. This gadget allows you to preassemble three s’mores and toast them all together.

I gave one of these gadgets a go on a recent cookout to see how it compared to the traditional method. It was nice to be able to make s’mores in bulk, and was easy to set up. The only problem with the device is that your graham crackers will get a bit too crunchy if you toast your s’mores for too long. Since I like my marshmallows a little on the darker side when toasted, I found that I would get a better toast when doing the marshmallows separately. However, I really liked the way the chocolate melted when it was over the flame. I’ll personally stick to the more traditional method, but if you want to do s’mores in bulk or like a lighter toast on your ‘mallows, you’ll get good results with one of these.

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