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Easy As Pie Pops: Small in Size and Huge on Flavor and Fun

Easy As Pie Pops: Small in Size and Huge on Flavor and FunPie pops are the pie’s answer to cake pops: bite-sized pies that sit atop a stick that deliver just as much cuteness as they do flavor. Easy As Pie Pops: Small in Size and Huge on Flavor and Fun is a cookbook devoted to these little treats, with dozens of recipes so that you can make your own and tips that will help them to turn out perfectly every time.

I am personally a bigger fan of pie pops than of cake pops. While you can do a lot of impressive decorating with cake pops, I just can’t say no to the combination of crisp, flaky crust and sweet, soft pie filling in any form. Pie pops have a high crust to filling ratio, so you need to have a great tasting crust for the best results. This is why one of the first recipes you’ll find in the book is one for a crust, an all purpose pie crust that is easy to work with and will go with just about any pie filling you can think of. You’ll also find detailed instructions for assembling your mini pies in the book’s introduction, so you know exactly how things should go together once you get to the recipes.

The recipes are divided into a few different chapters, with recipes that include fruit pies, cream pies and even savory pies. A few cake pops and mini loaves are thrown in to the book for good measure, just in case you want a little variety along with your pie pops or are looking to fill an entire dessert table. The made-from-scratch fillings should be pie hits with all pie lovers. The recipes are easy to follow along with, but you will need a little bit of extra time for assembling the pies because your crust and filling both need to be prepared in advance before your pies can be assembled and baked. The book’s beautiful pictures will help get you through the assembly process and have your pies looking just as professional as the author’s in no time at all.

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