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Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Cookbook

Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food CookbookFinding a delicious filling inside one of your favorite foods can take it from being good, to being great. Blue cheese stuffing makes olives more addictive, and a cream filling makes a cupcake a lot more memorable. Not all that many foods come stuffed – but imagine how much more fun a meal would be if you discovered incredible fillings inside some of your favorite foods. Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Cookbook is filled up with these very recipes, which will guide you through the process of stuffing everything from breads to meats to desserts to take them from ordinary to extraordinary. After all – comfort food should always have a little bit of extra indulgence to it!

Some of the recipes are foods that you expect to be stuffed, such as samosas and tamales, others are foods that offer a much bigger surprise, like Mac & Cheese Stuffed Hamburgers. Every meal is represented, from breakfast through dessert, so you will definitely find something for every occasion. Not every recipe is illustrated with a photo, but those that are look like they deserve to be described as “ultimate comfort foods.”

All the recipes are clearly written and, while some are a little more complex than others, all are easy to follow. Most of the recipes are written to be made entirely from scratch, with recipes for homemade doughs to use as needed. There are also suggestions for places where you can use store bought substitutions to streamline the cooking process a little bit, as well as plenty of cooking tips to ensure that your recipes turn out perfectly. The recipes are also rated according to a heat scale and a pig-out scale, both of which will help you chose recipes that suit your tastes – and how much you feel like indulging! – as you flip through the pages and try to decide where you should start.

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