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Sunday Brunch: Simple, Delicious Recipes for Leisurely Mornings

Sunday Brunch: Simple, Delicious Recipes for Leisurely MorningsBreakfast is a meal that often gets rushed through, as we dash to eat something before heading out to work, the gym or our other daily activities. Brunch, however, is a different story even though the food is the same. Brunch is a meal that we take our time with, eating slowly and relaxing after taking a little extra time to prepare something more than a bowl of cereal. Sunday Brunch: Simple, Delicious Recipes for Leisurely Mornings is a cookbook that celebrates brunch and is full of ideas that can help you enjoy it to its fullest.

The recipes are diverse and give you a wide range of both sweet and savory dishes to choose from. There are plenty of waffles, scones and even a savory flan for bakers to try, and there are omelets and other egg dishes for the cooks. There are plenty of simple-yet-elegant fruit-based dishes for those who want low maintenance brunch dishes, as well, and even a handful of classic drink recipes to pair with your meals. The recipes are easy to follow, and there are plenty of cooking tips and suggestions for variations along with each one. I also liked the “market tips” that offered suggestions for choosing the best fruits, vegetables and other ingredients to ensure that you get the best possible results.

Not all of the recipes in this book have photos, but most of them do and they are mouthwatering. I know that I am a sucker for brunch anyway, but you’ll find yourself starting to plan out your next brunch menu as you flip through the pages. Or, you might find yourself making a little extra time even on a busy weekday morning to sneak in a little taste of brunch mid-week.

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  • Pat Moore
    June 4, 2012

    Nice simple breakfast you have given and this is healthy too and and it is looking so nice and thanks for the recipe…

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