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Chicago Metallic Pastry Tri-Cutter

Chicago Metallic Tri Cutter
A chefs knife is a handy tool for cutting pastry, pasta and other things in the kitchen, giving you neat, straight lines every time. But there are times when something other than a perfectly straight line might give your ravioli a prettier finished look or might add some character to your cut out gingerbread cookies, and those are times when having a cutter with a little texture to it might come in handy. The Chicago Metallic Pastry Tri-Cutter is a three in one tool, with scalloped, fluted, and straight cutting wheels all in the same tool.

The gadget is shaped a bit like a three-in-one highlighter that I had in school. It has a roughly triangular shape and the cap on each corner pops off to reveal the wheel underneath. You can easily grip the tool on the covered side while using it, so you can easily guide it in straight lines through dough or pastry. Each wheel only pokes out from the center of the tool a short distance, so this is better for doughs and pastries than it is for cutting pizza, for instance, but you could also make do with it in a pinch if you don’t have any other cutters on hand!

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  • gloria
    September 22, 2013

    where can I buy The Chicago Pie Weight?

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