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  • Strawberries are a wonderful berry to have with dessert, and they are often paired with cake or whipped cream. One place they’re not usually found is in a batch of cookies, but that is exactly where they are in Kirbie’s Cravings Strawberries and Cream Cookies. These cookies have both freeze dried strawberries and Lindt Strawberries and Cream white chocolate bars in a vanilla cookie dough. The strawberries really pop in both color and flavor.
  • Cream cheese is a good choice for baking because its soft texture makes it more versatile than harder cheeses. Goat cheese has a similar texture and a batch of Blueberry Goat Cheese Bars from Bird and Cleaver show that a little bit of goat cheese can add a whole new dimension to a cream cheese-based recipe. The tangy goat cheese is combined with cream cheese and sour cream to add some tanginess and complexity to these cheesecake-like bars, and it works very well with the sweet blueberries swirled throughout the mixture.
  • A Cherry Crisp, like the one that This Gal Cooks recently baked, is a great dessert option when cherries are in season. The crisp has a buttery, crunchy topping that provides the perfect contrast to the juicy cherries. This crisp has some of that topping at the bottom of each ramekin, underneath the filling, too. That bottom layer doesn’t stay quite as crispy as the top layer, but it ensures that you get a second portion of the same great cinnamon and oatmeal flavors from the top of the crisp in each bite.
  • Oatmeal cookies are a cookie jar classic that I never get tired of, especially since there are so many great options for variations on the classic recipe that you can make. Wanna Come With? baked a batch of White Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies that offer a simple, but delicious, option for yoru next batch. The cookie dough is spiked with ground cinnamon and loaded with white chocolate and dried cherries, which are soaked in orange juice to plum them up and give them a citrus note. The rich cherries are a great contrast for the sweet white chocolate and both elements go very well in a nutty, chewy oatmeal cookie.
  • A bellini is a popular brunch drink made by pouring champagne or prosecco over a little bit of peach puree. Tutti Dolci turned the drink into dessert by transforming it into Bellini Sorbet. The sorbet starts with lots of fresh peaches, which are lightly sweetened with sugar and honey, and pureed with a little bit of prosecco. This base is then churned into a creamy, refreshing sorbet in the ice cream maker. It can be served on its own, but you can also put small scoops of it at the bottom of a champagne glass and top with a little more prosecco on top.

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