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  • As a fan of coconut and lemon, the Coconut-Lemon Loaf with Coconut-Lemon Glaze from Noble Pig sounds extremely tempting. The quick bread is bursting with zesty flavor from lemon extract and fresh zest. Both are easy ways to boost the lemon flavor in a recipe, because where a bread might need quite a bit of lemon juice to really infuse the flavor, a small amount of zest or extract will do the trick with much less liquid added. There is coconut inside this bread, as well as on top.
  • Donut Hole Pies. I could actually stop with a description right there, because the name of these alone sounds pretty impressive. The pies are a creation of Cakespy and while they look like donuts with frosting and sprinkles on top, they are far from it. The “donuts” are made with unbaked pie crust that is wrapped around a filling of your choice, shaped into a ring and deep-fried like a donut.
  • Those of you who have seen the movie Waitress will have no trouble recognizing Dinner With Julie‘sI Don’t Want Earl’s Baby Pie. The “pie” is actually a very indulgent quiche, made with a combination of brie and a few other cheeses, poured over some mushrooms and asparagus. Baking a pie can be very cathartic in times of stress – like the title character in the film goes through – and after having a slice of freshly baked quiche, you’re sure to feel better than you did when you started the project.
  • I’m a big fan of cream cheese brownies because they are fairly easy to make and always a huge hit where ever I take them. Zombie Cook recently posted Vegan Cream Cheese Brownies veganizing a recipe that would seem very hard to make veg-friendly. That said, I’ve made vegan cheesecake, so I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised. The brownies use a small amount of oil and “Vegan butter” (margarine) and the topping is made with soy cream cheese. They look just like the real thing, and as that cream cheese tastes pretty good on its own, I bet they taste just as good as the “real” thing!
  • Tahini is a middle eastern sesame paste that is used to make hummus, and is served with all kinds of other dishes. It’s not often used in baking, but if you like the flavor of sesame, it’s easy to incorporate into cookies and similar things. Have Cake Will Travel used it in a batch of Tahini Bread Rolls. The dinner rolls are half whole wheat and half white flour, and get a great flavor and texture from the addition of tahini. As an added bonus for those who have struggled with the look of rolls before, they come out shiny without any extra effort.

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  • Alisa - Frugal Foodie
    February 25, 2009

    I think I just gained 5 pounds reading this! Those donut whole pies look irresistable!

  • Cakespy
    February 25, 2009

    Thank you for the mention!! I am so happy to have discovered these other links too. Having seen (and enjoyed) “Waitress” I laughed aloud at the “I don’t want Earl’s Baby” pie–and it looks really delicious too! Actually everything sounds so delicious here. Nice roundup indeed!

  • Lex
    February 25, 2009

    Thanks for the mention 🙂 I just spend a good half hour on your site…nothing like procrastination! I love it.

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