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Fat Daddio’s Crème Snack Cake Pan

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Fat Daddio Twinkie Pan
Twinkies are an American snack cake icon that have been a lunchbox favorite for decades. Their unusual shape makes the instantly recognizable, whether you happen to be a fan of the cream filled cakes or not. It was only a few months ago that Hostess, the company behind Twinkies and other snack cakes, announced that they would declare bankruptcy and discontinue the snack cakes. A few weeks later, a buyer was found that announced Twinkies would not stay off the shelves long, and true to their word, the snack cakes are slated to make a comeback on July 15th.

You could wait around for the rerelease of the Twinkie, or you could use Fat Daddio’s Crème Snack Cake Pan to bake your own. The pan produces six Twinkie-shaped snack cakes that you can decorate and fill however you like. The pan is made of anodized aluminum and has a nonstick interior that should make any cakes – from dense pound cakes to soft sponge cakes – come out easily and cleanly. The advantage to baking your own snack cakes here is that you can really customize the flavors that your finished cakes will have. Chocolate, strawberry and classic vanilla are just a few of the options, since you can use any cupcake recipe to bake in this pan. Just be sure to wrap them up individually so they can be tucked in lunches as easily as the originals.

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