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  • If you’re looking for a treat to make for Mom on Mother’s Day, there are any number of delicious options to choose from. The Chocolate Butterscotch Croissants from Bakingdom are a decadent treat, and easier to make than you might think because you can streamline the work by using premade puff pastry dough. The pastry dough is stuffed with butterscotch and chocolate chips, which melt together in the oven into a gooey, decadent filling for the croissants, and they are finished off with a butterscotch glaze. These sweet treats are rich – but a little indulgence for breakfast can be a good thing.
  • One more brunch option comes in the form of the Caramelized Banana Sticky Buns from Heather Christo Cooks. The buns are made with a soft yeast dough that has pureed bananas in it, which gives the buns a great baseline of banana flavor. The dough is rolled out into a sheet and rolled back up around a filling of
  • butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, pecans and more bananas. Once baked the bananas in the filling become roasted, rich and tender, blending with the other ingredients to make some delicious sticky buns – even without the finished glaze. Of course, the brown sugar glaze that is drizzled over the buns before serving definitely takes them over the top.
  • This Roasted Strawberry Mint Ice Cream from Running to the Kitchen offers a delicious flavor combination that is perfect for spring. Roasting the strawberries in the oven before adding them to the ice cream base intensifies their flavor and makes them even sweeter. This ice cream is dairy free, so it is made with coconut milk. It is also sweetened with honey, which acts as a nice natural sweetener and works very well with the strawberries. Fresh mint is added to the base to give it a hint of mint flavor, but you can amplify it by infusing the coconut milk for a longer period of time before you start the ice cream making process, too.
  • A snoball is a classic snack cake made up of a chocolate cupcake that is completely covered in frosting and rolled in pink-colored shredded coconut. It looks like a big, pink snowball and it is tastier than it might sound. I’ve even made homemade versions of this snack cake before! Sprinkle BakesSnoball Cake Roll is a full size cake that is a twist on this snack cake. The dessert starts with a chocolate sponge cake that is filled with marshmallow buttercream and rolled in shredded coconut. Of course, the coconut is pink to make it look as much like the classic as possible (although undyed coconut will get you a result that is just as delicious). The cake looks amazing and is sure to win over anyone who enjoyed the small versions of this cake as a kid.
  • Tres leches cake, as the name suggests, is a cake that is infused with three different kinds of milk. Cookie Madness‘ put a coconut twist on a basic tres leches recipe in her Toasted Coconut Tres Leches Cake. The recipe starts with an airy coconut milk and vanilla cake as the base. Sweetened condensed milk and coconut milk are poured over the cake to saturate it, infusing it with a lot of moisture and flavor. It is finished with a whipped cream topping – so whipped cream becomes the third milk in this cake – that is spiked with vanilla and finished with toasted coconut.

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