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  • Dulce de leche lovers will want to try this easy Dulce de Leche Ice Cream from Confections of a Foodie Bride. The homemade ice cream has just five ingredients and is loaded with 2 cups of creamy dulce de leche, which provides all of the sweetness that you need in the base of the ice cream. It also has a generous amount of vanilla, with th addition of both vanilla extract and a whole vanilla bean. You will need an ice cream maker to get the best results, and if you don’t have one yet, this just might be the recipe that makes you put one on your Amazon wishlist.
  • Une Gamine dans la Cuisine‘s Clementine Olive Oil Cake is a great example of how you can bake with olive oil and make a fantastic dessert. The fruitiness of the olive oil works very well with the sweet orange zest in the cake, and there is enough sweetness in the recipe to ensure that the olive oil doesn’t dominate the other flavors. This cake is finished with a buttermilk and almond glaze that highlights the buttermilk and almond flavors that are also found in the cake, and it also dresses the finished cake up a bit.
  • The Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies from Pinch of Yum combine two great treats into one easy to eat dessert. The bars start with a layer of brownie batter that is topped with a layer of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough. They bake together in the oven and the result is a decadent bar with a buttery cookie topping and a fudgy chocolate base. And if you like the original, you could even play with the cookie dough portion to put your own twist on this idea, adding nuts or different mix-ins to try something a little different than a classic chocolate chip cookie.
  • Good things often come in simple packages, and that is the case with the Lemon Lime Cookies that Cookie Monster Cooking baked up. The sugar cookies are flavored with both lemon and lime zest, which gives them a bright citrus flavor that puts them a cut above your average sugar cookie. You also get a good butter flavor and a hint of vanilla, which rounds out the overall flavor of the cookies. The finished cookies are sweet and chewy, and while they are good on their own, they might make a great base for some springtime ice cream sandwiches.

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  • Valerie
    May 1, 2013

    Thanks for the feature, Nicole! (And thanks for introducing me to Pinch of Yum’s chocolate chip cookie brownies!) 😀

  • Ben
    May 2, 2013

    Pinch of Yum always have something amazing! Great selection of other blogs, I’m so glad you do this.

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