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A new toy: Shun Santoku Knife

I have a lot of knives. From no-name knives I’ve had forever to Henkels and Global knives, mine run the gamut from inexpensive to premium. But I think it’s safe to say that I like my newest knife, a 6 1/2 inch Shun Santoku, the best. I love everything about it, from the look, to the feel, to the impossibly sharp blade.

Knives are a vital part of the kitchen and, unfortunately, too many people “make do” with sub-par knives. If you think about how much you need knives in cooking, it only makes sense to get one that performs well and will last a long time. Of course, you should always choose a knife based on its size, and how comfortable it feels in your hand, not just based on someone’s recommendation (though I highly recommend a knife like this one or another high quality knife). By the way, Williams-Sonoma is a great place to check out knives because, unlike some retailers, they will let you test out all the knives in-store. They wil actually bring out a cutting board with a few things (potatoes, onions, etc), for you to chop up to get a feel for the knife.

In other news, posting will be a little bit slow over the next several days because I’m going to be going to the BlogHer conference this weekend. Anyone else going?

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  • sam
    July 25, 2006

    I love my Shun Elite too!

    I think Kalyn and ELise are going to be there at the Blogher conference. Oh, and maybe Megnut too. Have fun!


  • Janet (fondofsnape@gmail.com)
    July 25, 2006

    I wish I was; some of my favorite bloggers (you, zoot, grace, megan) will be there!

  • Randi
    July 25, 2006

    I won’t but my friend danielle(foodmomiac) will be.

    have fun.

  • Julie
    July 25, 2006

    I did not know Williams-Sonoma did that. Thank you for the tip. More retailers should take a lesson from W-S, especially the high end ones.

  • Quellia
    July 25, 2006

    Beautiful knife!
    We don’t have W&S in Canada, so I had to pick my latest knife purchase based on just feel. Turns out it was a great choice for me but it sure would have been nice to chop up a few things to be sure!

  • mooncrazy
    July 25, 2006

    I never knew W&S did that, but I should have know. When I bought my last knife there the clerk was so helpful I never thought to actually have a test drive.

    Did you get the sharpening stone? I’m looking to buy one of those for a Japanese knife I’ve acquired.

    Happy conferencing.

  • J
    July 26, 2006

    hi nic, what a beautiful, beautiful knife! i’ll probably get stoned for saying this, but the japanese really do make the best knifes

  • valentina
    July 27, 2006

    Hi Nic, i have been reading a lot about those knives recently – Neil Perry recommends them. I wish there was a WS store in the UK.Shame!

  • juliebean
    July 27, 2006

    I’m soooooooooooo jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good for you!!!

  • Gustad
    July 27, 2006

    i love snatoku’s. i have heard alot about the shun. glad to see you love it!! i want one now

  • Chef Knives
    March 6, 2009

    Thank you for the tip on W-S I love the entire feel of that store. How’dja like that handle on this one? Seems like it would feel very nice in hand with no sharp edges.

  • Bakugan Toys
    April 27, 2009

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