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Wilton Bar Pan

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Wilton bar Pan
The corner piece from a batch of brownies is a sought-after piece. The edges are firmer and chewier than the center of the brownies, so they not only have a good texture to them, but they present a welcome contrast to a very fudgy brownie. Not everyone likes the corner pieces, just as not everyone likes the center pieces, but those who do often lament that brownies do not have more edges. Wilton’s Bar Pan is a pan for everyone out there who likes the corner piece because it is designed to bake square bar cookies or brownies with a very high corner-to-center ratio. Each of the square cavities is about 1.5 inches deep and has slightly rounded corners, which gives anything you bake in it a nice look and also helps to ensure that nothing sticks in the pan. The heavy duty pan does have a nonstick finish, which helps make it easy to pop out brownies once they’re done baking.

Baking directly in the pan will give you the best, crispiest edges on your bars, but you can use square muffin wrappers in it if you prefer not to bake directly in the pan or just want ensure that it is as easy as possible to get your baked goods in and out of the pan.

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