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Poppin’ Hot Oven Mitt

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Poppin' Hot
When you were a kid, you probably got a kick out of popping all the little bubbles on a sheet of bubble wrap. The popping paper is almost too much fun for a kid to resist – but the popularity of bubble wrap apps for iPhones and other mobile devices indicate that popping those bubbles isn’t something that only kids enjoy. This Poppin’ Hot Oven Mitt is inspired by bubble wrap, although you won’t be able to pop the silicone bubbles that give it its cool look. The mitt is made of translucent, heavy duty silicone that can stand up to any temperatures that you might need to handle while pulling pans and baking sheets out of your oven while looking convincingly like real bubble wrap! It measures 8.4 inches wide and 11.75 inches long, which gives you plenty of coverage whether you have bit mitts or small ones. And it is definitely a conversation starter because your friends may not believe that you’re using a potholder and not a real sheet of bubble wrap. You may, however, want to keep this mitt out of the reach of kids because the urge to try a pop bubbles of bubble wrap is hard to resist and, while it would be extremely difficult to deflate these silicone bubbles, you probably don’t want to risk the integrity of the mitt in the process.

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