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Wilton 3D Lamb Pan

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Wilton Stand-Up Lamb Pan
A large cake can make an impressive centerpiece at any party, and a shaped cake can even be more attention-getting. Scuplting a cake into a centerpiece is not a project that most of us want to take on at home, since it is a messy project that requires quite a lot of cake. Fortunately, there are easier ways and Wilton makes some cake pans that produce 3-dimensional cakes without much work on your part. Wilton’s Stand Up Lamb Pan bakes a 3-dimensional cake in the shape of a little lamb that would be a fantastic dessert for Easter or other spring occasions. The finished cake stands about 7 inches high and is 10-inches long. You can make the cake using a cake mix if you want to keep things simple (it should hold about as much batter as a standard cake mix), but any cake recipe can be used and you can customize the lamb to any flavor you like.

I’ve worked with some of Wilton’s 3D pans in the past – such as their 3D Bunny Pan, which is also a good choice for Easter – and they’re easy to use. The pan set includes two pans, one for each half of the cake. Simply fill the pans with cake batter, bake and then use a little frosting to sandwich the halves together when the cake is cooled and you will have an impressive cake to decorate. You will get a good amount of detail in the cake just from baking, but cakes like this come alive after they are fully decorated.

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