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  • If you have ever bought a roll of phyllo dough at the store, certain you are going to use it soon – but discover that same roll of dough, unused, in the freezer months later, you should definitely bookmark The Wednesday Chef‘s Lazy Spanikopita, because it is a wonderful and completely non-intimidating way to put that roll of dough to good use. The spanikopita is assembled like a pie, with a few layers of flaky phyllo as the crust, and a filling of spinach, feta and eggs. It is quick and easy, a satisfying dish that you can make as a side or as a main dish.
  • Passover baking doesn’t use any leavening agents, which leaves many bakers to turn to flourless options for dessert. There are also recipes that use matzoh meal, and with a little creativity, you can make some great desserts using that. Zoe Bakes‘s 7 Layer Passover Cake is an orange and vanilla sponge cake with a poppyseed buttercream frosting. The cake contains no leavening and gets its rise from beaten egg whites, while it gets its texture from matzoh cake meal. The cake meal is a very fine version of matzoh meal and turns out pastries with a finer texture, so it helps give just enough structure to this cake to make it easy to layer and delicious.
  • Many people think of scones as a sweet pastry, something to have at breakfast alongside a cup of coffee. Like biscuits, however, scones are versatile and can be both sweet and savory. Milk and Honey‘s Goat Cheese, Chive and Mascarpone Scones are on the savory side of things. The scones have a slightly unusual combination of buttermilk, mascarpone and Greek yoghurt in the dough, which makes them very tender. They’re also full of crumbled goat cheese and seasoned with chives, which bring out some of the more savory notes in the cheese and add a little hint of color to the finished scones.
  • A White Russian is an indulgent cocktail that features vodka, Kahlua and cream. Culinary Concoctions by Peabody saw other possibilities for this flavor combination and transformed the cocktail into something sweeter. Her White Russian Fudge is a white chocolate fudge that is spiked with a hint of vanilla vodka and a generous amount of coffee-flavored Kahlua. The finished fudge has a distinct creaminess that is reminiscent of the cocktail – as well as a boozy burst of flavor. This fudge is a great dessert option for a cocktail party where you want to do something a little different.

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  • Mr. & Mrs. P
    March 27, 2013

    Wonderful ideas!!! Hope you share one of our recipes soon.. =)

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