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Bites from other Blogs

Bites from other Blogs

  • Caramel corn is a treat that I find is dangerous to keep in my kitchen, since I tend to eat it much, much faster than I would like. As if ordinary caramel corn weren’t addictive enough, Cookie Madness cooked up some Bourbon Caramel Corn that sounds even more delicious. The caramel used to coat the popcorn has a generous splash of bourbon that adds a lot of complexity to this snack. One other nice little twist here is the addition of almonds in with the popcorn for added crunch.
  • Cookbooks 365 recently tried a recipe for Oatmeal and Dark Chocolate Cookies that is a little different from your average cookie recipe. These cookies are made with spelt and oat flours that give the cookies a wonderfully nutty flavor and add extra protein and fiber to the cookies. They also use a mixture of coconut sugar and molasses for a dark molasses flavor, and coconut oil instead of butter. They may not be your average oatmeal cookies, but the generous quantity of dark chocolate thrown into the mix will satisfy anyone worrying about eating a slightly “healthier” cookie.
  • I am a huge snickerdoodle fan, so it should be no surprise that Averie CooksBest Snickerdoodle Bars caught my eye. These buttery bar cookies are soft and chewy, with a good vanilla flavor. They also have plenty of cinnamon flavor, since they incorporate the snickerdoodle’s signature cinnamon-sugar topping. In fact, you may even get more topping in the bar version of these cookies than in the cookies themselves! The recipe makes a relatively small batch, so you may want to double it and make extra if you’re going to be cooking for a crowd.
  • Winter is citrus season and while oranges and lemons get a lot of love, grapefruit gets starring roles in recipes much less often. Sugarhero‘s Grapefruit Layer Cake is an exception to the rule. This cake contains multiple layers of grapefruit: a grapefruit cake, grapefruit curd and grapefruit buttercream. Even better is that the cake actually looks like a grapefruit, thanks to a layer of fondant and some very creatively applied food coloring.

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