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Fossil Food Cupcake Mold

Fossil Food Cupcake Mold
Most cupcake wrappers are designed to give your cupcakes a cute, seasonal or otherwise dressed-up look. They’re meant to make the cakes easy to pick up and eat without getting your hands sticky. They’re not meant to be interactive, other than in the sense that you need to unwrap them as you eat your cupcakes. These Fossil Food Cupcake Mold from Fred are more interactive, because there is a dinosaur fossil hidden at the bottom of each rectangular that is uncovered as you eat. The food-safe silicone baking cups perform just like regular cupcake molds, but instead of peeling them off of the finished product, you’ll want to serve your cakes straight from the mold.The “fossils” are raised silicone images in the forms of Triceratops, Pteranodon, Hadrosaur, and T-rex skulls.

These molds remind me of mugs I had as a kid that had a little creature – either a small figure or a painted image – at the bottom that was revealed as you drank. I always got a huge kick out of those mugs (and still do, at least from the one that I saved all this time), so it is easy for me to see how kids – and even adults looking for a little novelty – will get a kick out of uncovering the “fossils” as they eat. Cupcakes work well with these molds, though they’re only sold in a set of four and you’ll need to bake off the rest of your cupcake batter in another pan, but they make great serving dishes for other desserts, like trifle and puddings, as well. As with all silicone products, you don’t want to cut the silicone, so it is best to use plastic cutlery instead of metal when serving.

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  • Tiffany
    July 26, 2011

    Great Idea of the fossils. If my nephew saw this he would go crazy!!

  • Neil Butterfield
    July 26, 2011

    Great idea, I assume that they are re-usable?

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