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Nordic Ware Rose Bundt Pan

Rose Bundt

There is nothing like getting a bouquet of roses to say “I Love You” – but a rose-shaped cake comes pretty close, and might even be better than flowers if the cake happens to be your favorite flavor! This is clearly what they were thinking at Nordic Ware when they designed their Rose Bundt Pan. The beautiful cast aluminum pan looks like a giant rose in bloom, with row upon row of lovely petals coming from the center of the pan. The 10-inch  bundt pan comes with a recipe, but is a standard size and should work with any favorite bundt recipe that you already have. A nonstick finish on the inside of the pan will help cakes to come out easily, with all that detail intact. One of the great things about a pan like this one is that it creates a very dramatic cake and you don’t need to do any decorating to get it to look great. Just sprinkle the cake with a little confectioners’ sugar or a little cocoa powder and it is ready to serve.

When you have a pan with this much detail, you always run the risk of the cake cake sticking in places, even when the pan has a nonstick coating. To ensure that you get a clean release, you need to be even more diligent about greasing and flouring this pan than you do with other bundt designs. I recommend melting some shortening (or just using vegetable oil) in a small bowl and using a pastry brush to give the inside of the pan a good coat before dusting it with a little bit of flour. Also, let the cake rest and retract in the pan for about 10-15 minutes after baking and that will help it slide out a little bit more easily, too.

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  • gailanne
    January 22, 2013

    Sure would have liked to see a “finished product”…I’m intrigued with these intricate pans but don’t know how to frost them after their baked.

  • Brenda
    January 23, 2013

    I bought this pan in 2002 I think or around there, and I love it. I use Baker’s Joy to spray my pan and it has worked great except for one time I was in a hurry for it to cool in pan and flipped it out in 2 pieces 🙁 If you wait a few minutes it will come out perfect. I usually just glaze the cake but powdered sugar sprinkling is good too. Caution this pan is super hot when it comes out of the oven I mean hot!!!

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