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Harvest Classic Baking Mold

harvest classic pan

While it’s nice to see elaborately shaped pans creating intricate masterpieces out of cake around the holidays, as the Cornucopia Bundt Pan does, it can also be nice to see pans that are a little bit simpler but still get the job done well. Nordic Ware’s Harvest Classic Baking Mold is just such a pan and it is easy to love the look of its finished product. The pan features the simple design of a large pumpkin and an ear of corn, but the design comes through clean and clear in the finished cake, with no deep angles for the batter to get stuck in, like some of the more intricate bundt pans to. It is made of aluminum and has a nonstick finish for and easy release. Although it could be used for a cake, this pan would really be perfect for a batch of cornbread or pumpkin bread on a holiday weekend.

The pan holds 8 cups of batter, which is about the same as a 9-inch round or square cake pan. At about the same depth, you won’t need to significantly adjust the baking time, either. That is also about the same volume as a 9×5-inch loaf pan, so you could modify a favorite quick bread recipe to work in it, too, although you would have to adjust the baking time down to account for the fact that the pumpkin-shape creates a much shallower bread than a loaf pan does.

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