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Push-n-Pull Tool

Push-n-Pull Tool in actionImagine this: you’re baking a pair of 8-inch round cakes, intending to make a layer cake once they have baked and cooled. The cakes are in the oven cooking away and you notice that they are browning unevenly. You open the oven, reach inside to adjust the pans and after moving the first pan, jump back with a yelp because you accidentally touched the wall of the oven with the back of your hand in an attempt to reach over to the far-away cake.

I’m positive that I’m not the only one who has ever burned his or her hand in an oven or on an oven rack  (if you never have, please don’t tell us – you might jinx yourself). My hands aren’t super sensitive to heat anymore these days, but it still happens on those occasions when I really can’t use an oven mitt for protection, like when I am testing a cake for doneness and really need to have my fingers available to hold toothpicks – or an internal-read thermometer if I’m roasting a chicken or baking bread. This is why I really appreciate the idea behind this Push-n-Pull tool. It’s designed to be a quick and easy gadget to slide hot racks around in the oven, letting you check your baked goods without sticking your hands all the way in. The nice thing about the hook is that it is actually strong enough to slide the rack back into place when you’ve finished, which many similar tools aren’t adept at doing. I think it’s particularly useful if you use a lot of water baths and don’t want to risk sloshing hot water over your hands every time you want to check on a custard or cheesecake.

The tool isn’t a must-have gadget for everyone, but as I know a number of occasional bakers/cooks whose hands are extremely sensitive to heat, I wanted to pass it along just in case you, or anyone you know, feels the same way.

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  • naomi
    January 15, 2008

    Wait, you mean you test cakes while they’re still in the oven? I always take them out and test them while they’re resting on the stovetop. (But, then, I am quite sensitive to heat.)

  • Ariel
    January 16, 2008

    Seeing as my knuckles are all bandaged up from a run-in with the roof of the toaster oven a few days ago, this sounds like a great tool :o)

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