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Williams-Sonoma Heart Madeleine Pan

Williams-Sonoma Heart Madeleine Pan

I have a couple of madeleine pans in my collection. While madeleines are often made in small batches at home, you really don’t need more than one or two pans at a time, however the relatively small size (and pretty look) of madeleine pans make them just about irresistible and I have found room for quite a few in my collection. Madeleines typically have a scalloped, shell-like shape to them, but this pan allows you to bake heart shaped madeleines! The Williams Sonoma Heart Madeleine Pan is made of dark carbon steel that will give the madeleines a rich, golden brown finish and will help ensure that they bake evenly every time. The pan itself has a nonstick finish to help the finished cakes release from the pan easily without breaking their delicate edges. The hears have a scalloped design that is similar to that of a traditional madeleine, which gives the cakes a very elegant look.

You can use your favorite madeleine recipe with this pan or get creative by adding a touch of red food coloring to give the hearts a very Valentine’s Day look. You can also try using the pan to bake mini muffins – blueberry, cornbread, etc. – in tiny heart shapes that are sure to impress brunch guests with their cuteness.

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