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Betty Crocker Halloween Glitter Gels, reviewed

Betty Crocker Halloween Glitter Gels
When it comes to decorating cakes and cookies, I like to keep things simple. Around the holidays, however, I usually feel the need to take some of my creations over-the-top and put more work into the decorations to make them stand out. Halloween is definitely a holiday of colors, and you’ll see orange, black, purple and green everywhere you go. That color palate is what made Halloween Glitter Gels from Betty Crocker catch my eye in the decorating section of my local market. It can be difficult to find (or make) black food coloring, and the fact that there was a black color in the box made me give them a try.

This type of gel frosting is typically used to decorate the tops of cakes, and the squeezable tubes are handy for writing “Happy Birthday”- type messages. This box showed pictures of decorated cookies, which made me wonder if the gels were a bit different than some I’d used before, and if they might be a good choice for decorating Halloween cookies.

The gels ended up having both strong and weak points. The colors looked awesome – rich and vivid, with just enough glitter to make them pop without looking silly – and the tubes were easy to use. I was able to get very detailed designs onto my cookies with ease. Unfortunately, the gel stayed wet and sticky for a long, long time (more than 12 hours), so it made handling the decorated cookies a little bit difficult. I think that they should change the picture on the packaging to show decorated cupcakes, instead of cookies, because I would definitely use these to add some Halloween color to a cake, but I will stick to other (homemade) frosting options to decorate cookies next time.

Glitter Frankenstein Cookie

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  • Jenna Z
    October 19, 2012

    I hate decorating gels. We have cookie decorating events for charity (Drop In & Decorate) and we run into this issue, you can’t package up cookies that are frosted with gel, it sticks to EVERYthing and smears.

    I notice you don’t mention the taste at all either. They taste horrid.

  • Kristin
    December 19, 2012

    I read that you can decorate with the gels before you bake the cookies and then the cookies are stackable. Have you tried that?

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