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Vegan Pie in the Sky

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Vegan Pie In The Sky: 75 Out-Of-This-World Recipes For Pies, TartsBaked goods can be some of the most difficult foods to vegan-ize because eggs, butter and milk usually play a big role in cookies and cakes. Cookbooks like Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar have tackled the task of creating excellent vegan baked goods in two popular categories. Now, the same author has taken on pies in Vegan Pie in the Sky: 75 Out-of-This-World Recipes for Pies, Tarts, Cobblers, and More and put together a book that covers all of your pie needs, from nuts to fruit to chocolate, without any dairy or eggs needed.

The cookbook starts out with an introduction on how to make pie and how to make a great pie crust. Vegetable shortening is a vegan product, so that is the primary fat used in these crust recipes. There are also a couple of recipes for olive oil-based crusts and a gluten free almond-based crust, all of which are very versatile. Once you have the crusts, the book gets into the fillings. It includes fruit pies, cream pies and chocolate pies. There is also a section dedicated to harvest pies, which includes favorite fall ingredients such as pumpkin and pears to ensure that the most popular pie-baking season of the year is well-covered. There are plenty of pictures of the pie making process and the finished pies to inspire you and help you along.

The book is fun to read and it’s clear that the author really enjoys her work. As you read through the adorably-named recipes and friendly notes, you’ll find that the enthusiasm is catching. It makes you want to bake the recipes, whether you’re vegan or not. Non-vegans should note that these pie fillings can easily be adapted to work with a store bought crust (of course, there are also vegan store-bought crusts out there) if you are not vegan and don’t mind doing a little crossover with some of the recipes. You may need some special ingredients for some of the recipes – such as agar agar, for some of the cream pie fillings – but most of the recipes don’t have any special requirements and you’ll be able to try them out right away and bring a little more pie into your life with ease.

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  • Simons
    May 16, 2012

    It’s always challenging when you switched from a Sad diet to a vegan diet, because you want to reproduce the same recipes that you use to do without meats, dairy products and others animals products. That’s why it’s frustrated at the beginning – Try to make a cookie without eggs, milks…you need to find a substitute like nuts milks and bananas if it’s a dessert or flour of corn/potatoes if it’s not…

    I didn’t read this book but i can see why it could be helpful to find great ideas when you start as vegan….without say that you will also need to know how to get iron, calcium, b12 and so on…


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