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Bites from other BlogsAs summer turns into fall, we move away from summer berries (for the most part, as I am not going to turn down some late-season strawberries!) and towards fall flavors like apples, pumpkin spice and chocolate. Though the weather was still warm in my area this week, I was feeling the fall spirit and got very inspired by some of these apple-centric recipes.

  • Will Cook for SmilesCinnamon-Glazed Apple Cake is almost too pretty to eat, with a stunning rosette of apple slices carefully arranged on top. I say “almost” because this fall-flavored cake tastes just as good as it looks. The cake is loaded with diced apples, which are just held together with an eggy vanilla cake batter, and the whole thing is finished with a sweet, cinnamon-kissed glaze. It’s a cake for apple lovers in any season, but perfect for the fall table.
  • Baked donuts are fun to make and give you a lot of flavor options that you might not have with traditional fried donuts. The Recipe Rebel‘s Maple-Glazed Apple Crisp Donuts are just one example of a creative donut that is best made using a donut pan. Perfect for fall, these donuts are loaded with finely chopped apples and topped with a cinnamon oatmeal streusel that both adds flavor and an extra layer of texture. The donuts are finished with a maple syurp glaze – because most donuts need a little glaze! – before serving. They pair perfectly with coffee and tea, especially on a cool autumn day.
  • The Maple Glazed Apple Blondies from A Latte Food are another apple-packed recipe. These bar cookies are start with a brown sugar and cinnamon blondie batter, which is filled with a homemade, spiced apple pie filling. The bars offer the convenience of a cookie and the flavor of a pie in every bite. While they’re good on their own, adding a drizzle of maple syrup glaze to the top gives them a beautiful finished look and adds just the right extra touch of sweetness.
  • If fried donuts are more your style, Fake Ginger‘s Apple Cider Donuts are the way to go. The donuts are flavored with apple cider – but not just any apple cider. This cider is cooked until it reduces into a rich, thick syrup that has an intense apple flavor. The syrup is incorporated into the donut batter, along with a variety of spices, and infuses every bite with its rich fall sweetness. Cut the donuts into any size you like (full sized or minis!) and toss them into the fryer. When they are golden brown, roll them in cinnamon sugar before serving.

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