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Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Zombie Head Cookie Jar
When you’re hopping for a cookie jar, you’re usually looking for something that is airtight and will keep cookies fresh, or something that is cute and will be a nice accent to your kitchen. You’re not usually looking for something creepy…. unless it is close to Halloween, in which case this Zombie Head Cookie Jar becomes the perfect accessory for any kitchen where bakers like to get into the spirit of things. The ceramic jar is shaped like a zombie head – brains and all – and the expression on the face of the zombie looks a lot like the the face you might make during an intense chocolate chip cookie craving. It’s not airtight, so it isn’t ideal for long term cookie storage, but cookies or brownies can easily be served in it when you’re having guests. For longer term use, you might want to fill it up with wrapped candies if you want to keep treats in it while leaving it out.

For most of us, this is going to be a Halloween-only kitchen decoration, but if you you happen to like zombies in general, or are a fan of The Walking Dead, there is nothing that says you can’t enjoy this jar (and scare any would-be cookie monsters that are in your kitchen!) all year round.

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  • Kevin
    September 27, 2012

    I’m actually creating a zombie cake page for http://www.helpzombies.com so I’m kind of in the same field right now. I think this is a really cool idea for a cookie jar!

    Great find!

  • Peter
    October 24, 2013

    That’s so cool! I’m so going to get it! I wish I saw it earlier so I had the chance to buy it for Halloween!

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