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Wilton Donut Hole Pan

Donut Hole Pan

You’ve seen donut pans in different shapes and sizes, and even if you don’t have one of these nifty pans in your kitchen yet, you have definitely seen them used on different food blogs to make baked donuts. The nonstick pans have ring-shaped cavities that let you bake something donut shaped without having to deep fry anything. Now, Wilton has come up with a Donut Hole Pan that lets you try yet another donut shape. This pan has 20 round cavities that let you bake nicely rounded donut holes. Fill the half-sphere cavities up to the top with batter, and you should get a nice rise on your donut holes that fill out the rest of that circle. The holes end up being about the size of mini muffins, perfect for snacking and sharing.

I make donut muffins in a regular muffin pan, using a mini muffin pan to get a version that is similar to a donut hole and can be eaten in two bites. I have had good results with other donut pans in the past, and I really like the shape of these. Using a mini muffin pan to approximate a donut hole, you get some odd edges and an overall irregular shape. They just don’t fully capture the donut hole look, even though they still taste delicious. If you are a baked donut fan, this pan is going to give you a lot of options and a very “real” looking finished product.

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  • Jellybean
    September 18, 2012

    I suppose one can make baked aebleskiver or takoyaki in this pan, but other than that, it’s a cabinet space taker.

  • lisa
    April 15, 2013

    I was not impressed at all with this pan. My doughnut holes looked NOTHING LIKE THE PICTURES!

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