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Mustache Baking Mold

Mustache Baking Mold

I’m not sure exactly what moment mustaches became a trend, but I’ve seen mustache wine markers, hats and even lamps at this point, so it seems clear that mustaches are here to stay a while. The one mustache-related thing that I haven’t seen yet is a Mustache Baking Mold. This silicone mold allows you to make a 16-inch long mustache to add a little style (or humor) to your next party. The mold isn’t deep, just 1.5-inches, but it is perfect for a wide variety of party projects. You can use it to bake a batch of brownies, mold a cheese log or make a giant ice cream sandwich. You can make gelatin molds in it, too, if you’re ok with having a multi-colored mustache. And if you have a big punch bowl, you can even use it to make a mustache-shaped ice cube, since the pan is microwave, oven and freezer-safe.

This mold clearly isn’t going to replace any of your regular baking equipment, but it does make a very funny gift for friends sporting mustaches and it can be a great party gag. It is sure to generate a lot of talk if you bring it out at just about any gathering – since you really can’t take it too seriously!

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