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Romeo and Juilenne Cutting Board

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Romeo and Juilenne Cutting Board
Cutting boards come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Whether they’re made of plastic or wood, they’re generally rectangular and fairly plain looking, though the plastic variety often come in very bright colors. If you feel that your cutting board collection could use some freshening up, look no further than this fun Romeo and Julienne Cutting Board from Fred. The solid beechwood board is cut to look like a book, completely the the title on the spine. It’s dimensions – 9-in x 6-in x 1-in – are similar to that of a “real” cookbook, so you can tuck it unobtrusively onto a shelf if you need to free up some counter space.

Small cutting boards are great to have on hand when you only need to do a little bit of cutting. They’re also handy because they can double as meat or cheese boards when you simply want to plate up a little snack. This cutting board isn’t going to the the one that you carve that tri-tip on, but you’ll find yourself reaching for it over and over. The cutting board is a great gift (perhaps paired with another favorite cookbook) for the literary cook in your life, too.

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