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Do-It-Yourself Cookie Cutter Kit

Cookie Cutter Set
The idea of a Do-It-Yourself Cookie Cutter Kit may sound a bit silly at first, because most cookie cutters allow you to “do it yourself” and punch out cookie dough in a variety of shapes and sizes. What makes this kit unique is that it allows you to do so many different things with your cookie dough when it comes to punching out shapes and embellishing it with unusual designs. These types of decorations are usually only available with specialty cookie decorating kits, and getting so many different options in one place sets it apart.

The kit includes three basic cookie cutters – a circle, a heart and a star – as the foundation for your cookie designs. The rest of the tools include cookie stamps, which stamp one of six designs into your dough, and cutter wheels, which again give you six options for either embossing, edging or cutting the dough in creative ways. There are also six premade words/messages that you can stamp into your cookies: Happy, Birthday, Holidays, Thank You, Congrats and I Love You. You won’t get this kind of detail with just any cookie cutter and once you start adding those little embellishments to a batch of simple sugar cookies, you can see just how dressed up they can make plain cookie dough look and how that basic cookie can turn into the perfect way to celebrate.

If you’re working with kids, this kind of kit also gives them a lot of new options when it comes to cookie decorating, since the stamps and wheels allow them to express a lot more creativity than putting a few sprinkles or chocolate chips on to the top of the dough.

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