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  • A batch of homemade biscotti makes a great holiday gift. Not only do the cookies have a gourmet look about them, but they keep for quite some time, so there is no pressure on the giftee to eat the whole batch within a day. They’re also versatile, and you can put all kinds of different flavors into these simple cookies. Gimme Some Oven made some Cherry, Almond and White Chocolate Biscotti, which have fruit and nuts in the cookies and are drizzled with white chocolate. Wrapped up with a bow, they look both tasty and elegant.
  • Mexican hot chocolate is known for being a bit spicy and usually has things like cinnamon or cayenne added to cocoa powder or melted chocolate to give it its edge. Blue Ridge Baker captured that spiciness in some Mexican Hot Chocolate Pretzels by adding a generous amount of cinnamon into the dough. The cookies are rolled out and shaped by hand. They turn out crisp and tender after baking – just right for dipping in some regular hot chocolate!
  • Sometimes an old fashioned dessert is just perfect when the weather gets cold. The Caked Apple Dumplings with Cider Sauce from The Bitten Word certainly sound like they’d warm you up on a cold night. The treats are made by wrapping apples with a layer of pastry, then baking them until the pastry is crisp and the apple is tender. A little drizzle of cinnamon-infused cider sauce and you’re ready to serve these.
  • It’s hard not to love the shape of The Cookin’ Canuk‘s Cinnamon & Almond Meringue Star Cookies. The tender almond cookies are cut out into star shapes with a cookie cutter, topped with a crisp meringue and then decorated with slices of almond to really send home that five-pointed star look. They’re very cute and, since there is no butter in the recipe, they’re a bit less indulgent than some of the cookies you’ll encounter this season. They also happen to be totally gluten free, and a great choice to make if you’re looking for a recipe to accommodate wheat-free guests.
  • I love the fact that How to Eat a Cupcake‘s Sweet Potato Cheesecake with Marshmallow Sour Cream Topping is a takeoff on the somewhat that marshmallow-topped holiday side dish of candied yams. Only better. This cheesecake has a gingersnap crust, a rich creamy center made with pureed sweet potato (which you should be able to find canned in a local market) and a topping made with marshmallows melted together with sour cream, which is light, sweet, tangy and a good contrast to the cake.

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  • Sarah
    December 9, 2009

    Thanks for linking my post!

  • Ruletní systém
    January 22, 2010

    Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

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