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Happy 4th of July, everyone! I don’t usually have a specific theme for the posts I highlight in Bites from other Blogs, but since the holiday is today and there are so many delicious looking red, white and blue treats out there, I couldn’t resist. Enjoy the holiday!

  • The Patriotic Poke Cake that The Galley Gourmet is serving for the 4th of July certainly showcases red, white and blue proudly! A poke cake is made by poking holes into a fully baked white cake and pouring a gelatin mixture over the top. The gelatin mixture – homemade, in this case, with fresh blueberries and strawberries – soaks into the cake and gives it a bright color and flavor.  It’s a very unique look and definitely makes a cake worthy of a celebration.
  • Fudge is a dessert that most people associate with chocolate, but fudge can actually be made in many flavors. It can also be made in many colors, as Taste and Tell‘s  4th of July Tie Dyed Fudge illustrates. This vanilla fudge has a creamy vanilla flavor and will satisfy any sweet tooth. It gets its colorful swirls from food coloring that is added to a portion of the fudge before it sets. The candy does set up quickly, however, so you’ll want to work quickly to put everything together to get your fudge to come out with perfect swirls.
  • The Red, White and Blue Ombre Cake from The Purple Mixer is a showstopper. The towering layer cake is made with many layers of cake that are dyed red, white and blue. What makes this cake unique is that the colorful layers start off strong and fade into the next color as you work your way down the cake. The overall effect is beautiful, like a red, white and blue rainbow. This cake can be made with a scratch-cake recipe, but it can also be made with a cake mix and stacked with canned frosting, to streamline the process if you want to put this together for a last minute bbq.
  • Red, white and blue bomb pops were one of my favorite popsicles as a kid. The pops are still tasty, but a much more grown up version of this classic summer treat is a Frozen Bomb Pop, a adults-only cocktail that Simply Fresh Cooking mixed up. The drink features layers of red, white and blue in a tall glass. It’s made with lime juice, raspberry vodka and cherry vodka. The flavor won’t be quite the same as the popsicles you had as a kid, but they will be a huge hit at a 4th of July party.

Don’t forget to check out my roundup of five of my most Irresistible Red, White and Blue Desserts from this site, too, if you’re still looking for some amazing treats, such as my Red, White and Blue Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, to put together and serve to family and friends as you celebrate Independence Day.

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  • Thanks for including my Bomb Pop Drink! I just made them on the 4th for my guest and they were a huge hit! They do taste just like a Bomb Pop and were so refreshing in the hot weather! 🙂

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