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Nordic Ware Tiered Cakelet Pan, reviewed

Nordic Ware Tiered Cakelet Pan
Multi layer tiered cakes are a feast for the eyes, as well as for the stomach, and I suspect that the number of cake decorating shows on tv has only made them more popular. Elaborate cakes were once only seen at weddings, but now they’re making appearances at birthdays and other special occasions, as well. The downside of these cakes is that they are time consuming to make and you often need a pretty big kitchen (for storing extra pans and equipment, as well as for all those cakes before they’re assembled) to pull one off at home. A much more manageable solution is presented by the Nordic Ware Tiered Cakelet Pan, which bakes six four-tier miniature cakes at a time. These mini cakes bake quickly and are ready to decorate as soon as they cool, with much less fuss than full sized cakes.

From the moment I saw this pan, I knew that I had to add it to my collection. I loved the look of a tiered cake and their small size makes the cuter than any cupcake I’ve seen recently.

The pan is heavy duty cast aluminum with a nonstick finish. It has two different cake designs and you get three of each when using the pan. The nonstick finish worked very well and the cakes released very easily for me, although I would still recommend brushing the insides of the pan with oil to ensure that the cakes don’t stick and you get as much detail as possible on the finished cakes. It baked evenly and the finished cakes looked great, with clearly defined tiers that were easy to decorate. The biggest caution is that air bubbles can get trapped in the corners of the pan, so you need to rap the pan quite firmly on the countertop before baking or you’ll have a few tiers come out with less-than-perfect edges.

Overall, these cakes are beautiful, fun to decorate and make for a “wow” presentation. I like the pan and the design – and these cakes will definitely be making appearances at birthdays and holiday gatherings around my house.  The manufacturer recommends glazing them, but you loose a lot of detail when you do. I prefer to use a piping bag and some buttercream or another thick frosting to add borders and flowers to the cakes before serving.

Tiered Cakelet Pan

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  • Stephanie P.
    September 6, 2011

    I’d like to see your decorated version of these sometime.

    While I love Nordic Ware, I’m not so good at cake decorating (shaky hands), and often think there’s no way many of the shaped pans would a) come out of the pan as perfectly as intended, and b) look as advertised once decorated.

    The simple decoration you described sounds almost like I could accomplish it…maybe!

    Also does 1 cake serve one person, or more?

  • Kelsey
    September 20, 2011

    My brother gave these to me for Christmas but I haven’t used them yet! Now I’m excited.

  • Jennifer
    September 29, 2014

    Has anyone tried putting fondant on these cakes. If yes, how did you apply it and how did it come out?


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