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Easter Stamp & Style Cookie Cutters

Easter Stamp & Style Cookie Cutters

No matter how old I get, it will always be fun to decorate eggs for Easter. This is true both for decorative eggs, made with hard boiled or hollowed eggs, and for edible egg-shaped butter cookies. It is also why the Easter Stamp & Style Cookie Cutters that Williams Sonoma are offering this holiday season are so appealing. The cookie cutter set comes with four perfect-for-Easter cookie cutters and quite a few tools for decorating them and creating a fun, uniquie holiday look. The large cookie cutters include an egg, a basket, a daisy and a bunny, each offering a lot of space for decorating. The tools include six small stamps with a variety of designs and four rollers, which allow you to easily add stripes and other textures to your cookies. The stamps and rollers can easily be used with other baking and cake decorating projects at other times of the year, as well. Everything is plastic and dishwasher safe, which means that it is light weight, easy to clean and can be handled easily by kids of all ages.

This cookie set comes with a recipe that works well with the included tools. You can use other cookie dough recipes, as well, but to get the best results you should choose a butter or sugar cookie dough recipe that doesn’t spread too much in the oven. This will keep your designs clear and clean, so that they will be just as sharp and detailed after baking. If you do want to dress them up even more, the cookies can be decorated with sugar sprinkles or decorations before baking, or the designs can be filled in with colorful icing after they have cooled.

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