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Monster Pops Cookie Pan

Monster Pops Cookie Pan
The companies that make specialty pans and other baking accessories are getting more and more creative with the holiday ideas that the come out with, so where we once had just two pumpkin-shaped pans to choose between for Halloween baking, there is now a wide array of everything from Witch’s Fingers to 3D Skulls. This Monster Pops Cookie Pan from Wilton is just another fun Halloween-inspired pan to add to the list. The pan bakes eight little monsters in each of four different shapes: a vampire, a Frankenstein, a tri-clops and a mummy. Like most cookie pans, all you need to do to use this pan is press your dough down into the nonstick cavities and bake. The dough will conform to the spooky shapes of the cookies and you can either leave them plain or use Wilton’s instructions to decorate them and give the monsters a little more character.

Since this is a cookie pop pan, there is a small depression at the base of each mold where you can rest a popsicle stick (after inserting most of it into the unbaked dough) that can bake into the cookie. You don’t need to turn these into cookie pops, of course, but when your cookies are on sticks they make much handier treats for trick-or-treaters and can be easier to display at a Halloween party.

Monster Pops Cookie Pan, up close

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  • alice
    October 21, 2011

    I need a recipe for these pan cookies. WHERE CAN I FIND ONE?

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