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Emile Henri Artisan Ruffle Pie Dish, reviewed

Emile Henri Pie Plate
Emile Henri is a French brand that has been known for their ceramic bakeware since the 1850s. Their products usually have a distinct look and come in array of bright colors, thanks to the shiny glazes that they use to finish their pieces. Their Artisan Ruffle Pie Dish, which is available at Williams Sonoma, caught my eye recently and I decided that I had to add it to my pie plate collection before the fall baking season got in to full swing this year.

The pan has a deep, ruffled edge that has a lot more movement to it than most pie pans. To be honest, my on concern about the pan was I wasn’t sure how that ruffled edge would work once I tried to lay a pie crust in it. You can’t fold over the edge of the pie crust to create a rolled or fluted edge the way you can with a regular pie plate. If you do, the finished crust will be very thick around the edges. The best solution is to simply cut the excess crust at the edge of the pie plate. You don’t need to create a ruffle because there is already one there, and the pie will look perfect without any fussing from your end. I found that this edge really streamlined the pie-making process and gave the pies a great look.

The pan is also fairly deep, so it can be piled high to create thicker fruit pies even though it is not a strictly deep dish pie plate. The best thing about this pie pan – in addition to the overall look, which is just lovely – is the fact that the glaze is nonstick and completely scratch resistant. This means that you can use a sharp knife to cut into your pie into clean slices without worrying about damaging the pan, and that those slices will slide easily out of the pan with your pie server. This is definitely a new favorite pie dish for me and one that will get a lot of use this season (and for many seasons after!).

Artisan Ruffle Pie Dish

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  • kelly
    November 6, 2012

    I just bought the matching silicone pie crust cover for the ruffled emilee henry pie plate. Can’t wait to try it out. Did you by chance use one?

  • Pam
    November 6, 2012

    I have been eye-ing that pie dish for years lol I never buy it because honestly I don’t make many pies… but that is one gorgeous plate!

  • Nicole
    November 6, 2012

    Kelly – I saw the cover, but I don’t typically use them when I bake pies. It sure is a perfect fit if you use them, though!

  • Christi
    November 8, 2012

    All my pie pans are Emile Henri, most of our baking dishes (a few are Le Creuset) and loaf pan are Emile, too. I love them and cannot recommend them enough for even cooking, non-sticking and easy clean-up. It helps that they are beautiful and present well for dishes like lasagna and pies.

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