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  • Ferrero Rocher are chocolates that have a whole roasted hazelnut surrounded by hazelnut cream, encased in a thin wafer shell and covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. The Ferrero Rocher Cake Pops that All Wrapped Up made recently are a takeoff on these popular candies. The center is made with a mixture of chocolate cake and nutella, and the cake pops are dipped in melted milk chocolate and rolled in cornflakes (which do a fine job of approximating the wafer shell of the candies). They are dipped in chocolate again and sprinkled with hazelnuts to finish. Not only do they sound delicious, but unlike most cake pops, these are made with homemade chocolate cake and not with a box cake mix.
  • Pancakes meet cinnamon rolls in Fake Ginger‘s Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, a food that combines the best of two breakfast favorites. These start out with your favorite pancake recipe. Once the pancake batter hits the griddle, a cinnamon swirl mixture – made by melting together butter, sugar and cinnamon – is piped onto the back of the pancake using a piping bag (or another decorating tool that gives you a lot of control). The swirl cooks into the pancake and holds its shape the whole time, leaving you with pancakes that look and smell a lot like cinnamon buns when they’re ready to serve.
  • The Peanut Butter Pretzel Ice Cream with Chocolate Covered Pretzels from Alanna Bread is a must-try recipe for salty-sweet lovers. Those peanut butter-filled pretzels that are such a popular snack food  – and I will readily admit that they are frequently found in my snack pantry – are perfectly captured in this frozen treat. The ice cream is made with a peanut butter base and, while it churns in the ice cream maker, a generous amount of salted chopped pretzels are added to it. As if that weren’t enough, homemade chocolate dipped pretzels are added for garnish. A bit of chocolate fudge would probably make a nice finish for a sundae made with this ice cream, as well.
  • Fall is fast approaching and that means that we’re likely to see more recipes that generously use warm spices and foods like pumpkin and sweet potato. Leanne Bakes made some Cinnamon Sugar Tossed Baked Sweet Potato Donuts that hit both these points and would make a perfect fall treat. These yeast donuts have mashed sweet potato, brown sugar and a hint of spice in the dough. They are cut out like regular donuts, but are baked in the oven for a lighter – and lower fat – treat than a typical fried donut recipe. The finished donuts are light and fluffy, and a coating of butter, cinnamon and sugar ensures that you won’t miss the fact that they’re not fried.

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  • alana
    September 15, 2011

    this is so sweet, thank you for the mention! :)!

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