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Mini Cupcakes

Mini CupcakesOne of the reasons that people love cupcakes is their small size, which makes them easy to eat and serve, as well as simply looking cute. Mini cupcakes, however, have the edge on larger cupcakes when it comes to cuteness. Also easy to eat and serve, miniature cupcakes are bite sized and pack a punch of flavor with the perfect amount of frosting and cake in a single mouthful. Mini Cupcakes is a cookbook that is all about these downsized cupcakes.

Mini cupcakes are not difficult to make because you can use just about any cake batter in a mini muffin pan to get them. This is convenient, but it also means that there are very few books out there that specifically talk about how to make miniature cupcakes and what you can do to ensure that you get the best possible results. The introduction, for instance, talks specifically about tools that are essential to making mini cakes, including the best types of cupcake liners to work with. The recipes are divided up into chapters by basic flavors: Buttery Vanilla, Chocolate, Fruits & Citrus, Coffee & Libations. The recipes are easy to follow and very carefully written, so that even novice bakers should have an easy time and get excellent results. There are plenty of good basic recipes to work with both for frosting and cake, and it is easy to put your own twist on the recipes in the book to come up with your own flavor combinations.

As cupcakes have risen in popularity, you may have noticed that they have also become siginificantly larger in size. At some bakeries, cupcakes have lost their single-serving appeal because they have become huge 3-inch wide chunks of cake that would rival any jumbo muffin. Miniature cupcakes are reclaiming some of that cuteness – and it only takes a few minutes to flip through the pages of this cookbook to look at the beautiful photos and see why. They’re decorated with just as much attention to detail as any larger cake, as well as being made with as much care. You’d have to try the recipes for yourself to see which flavors you like the best, but when it comes to these mini cupcakes, it is safe to say that good things really do come in small packages.

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  • Apple Pie
    September 6, 2011

    Love cupcakes. Jumbo, regular or mini. My nephew and I make them together about once a month. Thanks for the review of the cookbook. Time to expand my cupcake and frosting recipe collection. – Tom

  • sweetheart
    February 24, 2012

    i love cupcakes they are AMAZINGGGGG!!!!! i woulld prefer the jumbo ones tho because they have aot more to enjoy…. i also make them for my little brother and my friends all the time!!!!!!:)

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