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MeringueA meringue is a type of dessert made by whipping egg whites with sugar until the mixture has dramatically increased in volume and turned into something with light and fluffy texture. Meringues can be baked on their own to make a crisp, light cookie or they can be used as a component for a more complicated dessert. In the cookbook Meringue, this fluffy treat gets to see a little bit of the dessert spotlight, when it is often treated as no more than an extra component or an afterthought to other recipes. It gives you a little more insight about meringues and shows just how much they can be used for – and why taking a little extra time to make them can make a big difference to a recipe.

The cookbook starts with an introduction to meringue and gives you a quick overview of the techniques used to make them, walking you through how to whip egg whites and the different types of meringues that there are. The recipes include both treats where meringue is the star of the dish – such as pillowy pavolvas or layered dacquoises – and sweets where they’re used to add another layer of flavor, like meringue-topped pies. You’ll also see recipes where the meringue isn’t exactly the star, but is extremely important in giving a recipe its body and texture, as it does in buttercream frosting.

Meringues can sometimes seem like intimidating or time consuming components to make, but they are presented in a very approachable way in this book. The recipes are easy to follow along with and make the meringue-centric recipes – which might seem time consuming in any other cookbook – feel as quick and easy to make as any “regular” cookie recipe.  Beautiful photographs will help inspire you, and too, as you work your way through the book you might find yourself wanting to add a few more meringues to your repertoire.

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