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How to “Get ‘Em Girl’s”

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getemgirlscover.JPGI’m not sure how to take The Official Get ‘Em Girl’s Guide. The cookbook “has the stated goal of uplifting women by helping them use food to get the man of their dreams.” It contains enough tips to get even rank beginners through the preparation of a heavy – by which I mean unhealthy – comfort food-type meal, which (of course) is exactly the type of meal that will win the heart of a man.

That is assuming that all men at like those portrayed in so many fast food ads: so macho that they need to break into song at random intervals to trumpet their male-ness, lift and/or pull heavy objects and eat large quantities of meat at every conceivable opportunity.

Now, it’s entirely possible that the book is a somewhat heavy-handed, tongue-in-cheek look at the age old saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” but this is one cookbook gimmick that absolutely does not appeal to me, despite the fact that I usually like every cookbook that crosses my path. The ideas that women don’t have much to offer and that men have such a limited range of things they can appreciate just rub me the wrong way in general, and aren’t really selling points when there are so many more useful cookbooks out there (try How to Cook Everything, for example). 

If you want to seduce a man or a woman with food, find out what he or she likes and try to cook it well. Even if it doesn’t turn out perfectly, it’ll get you much farther in the long run than relying on stereotypes for your menu choices!

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  • Cap'n Jack
    May 10, 2007

    Well…I mean, it says “A Sassy Girl’s Cookbook”! Isn’t that supposed to be funny? I dunno, I guess if it does the job and it’s entertaining, that’s all that matters. They can’t seriously believe that food is the sure-fire way to win a man’s heart.

    Anyway, my girlfriend has this fear of cooking. I am always the one that makes dinner and tries different things. She never cooks for me because she says she doesn’t want to poison me! I think she gets overwhelmed when she’s reading the directions in a cookbook, and can’t seem to take in the big picture while she’s making something, and screws it up. Can you recommend a good cookbook to help out my novice girlfriend who is afraid to cook?

  • Vicky
    May 11, 2007

    Capn Jack, I can recommend a great cookbook for your girlfriend: How to Cook Without a Book by Pam Anderson. This cookbook will give your girlfriend the “big picture” and break down cooking techniques into simple steps that will leave her understanding and willing to cook.

  • Cap'n Jack
    May 11, 2007

    Thanks so much! (looking up at Amazon now!) 😀

  • Nicole
    May 11, 2007

    I second that. Pam Anderson (not to be confused with the Baywatch star!) is an amazing author. Not only are her dishes simply and delicious, but every one is incredibly well-explained.

  • I posted a comment to this a couple of days ago, not sure what happened, but once again, I’d love to send you a copy of the book so you can give a fair review.


  • Deidre
    May 10, 2008

    Ok. I think everyone is taking themselves a little too seriously. I happen to own the cookbook and I love it. While it may not appeal to everyone, it appeals to many. The recipes are simple and quite tasty. Is it a cookbook for everyday? Perhaps not. But it is a fun way to incorporate a little comfort into your diet every now and then. I think that some people may have taken some of the captions out of context. Lighten up people. It’s a cute, fun, cookbook for chicks. Definitely one to try.

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