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Measuring Cups and Spoons for Owl-Lovers

Owl Spoon Set

Owls seem to be a hot design element right now, and I’ve seen everything from owl prints and accent pillows in stores to owl cookie jars. Most of the designs are cute enough to make you say “aww” and wish that you had some spare room in your kitchen to fit something in, but a big cookie jar can be difficult to find counter space for. When I saw these adorable Owl Measuring Spoons and the matching Owl Measuring Cup Set, it seemed like the perfect solution for following the trend with something that is easy to find storage room for. Both sets are made of earthenware and have a high gloss glaze with vibrant colors. The owls themselves are cute, with big eyes that draw you in. The heads of the owls on both the spoons and the cups act as handles, so these are easy to hold on to as you use them. They’re also dishwasher safe, so they’re easy to care for after you use them.

Sets like these are definitely fun to have around, even if you just use them as decorative pieces and only work with them some of the time as actual kitchen equipment (though they are accurate and sturdy, so there is no reason not to put them to work). They also make fun gifts. The cups and spoons are both almost irresistibly cute, but if I had to pick just on, I would say that there is something about the tiny measuring spoons that really wins people over. They’re small enough that they can be a nice accent for a larger gift or a stocking stuffer during the holidays, too.

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