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Corners Brownie Pan

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Corners Brownie Pan
When faced with a freshly baked batch of brownies, which piece do you reach for first: the fudgy center or a chewy corner piece? If you are in the corner camp of brownie lovers – as several members of my family are – there is a new pan out that is designed to give you twice as many corners as a regular square brownie pan can. The Corners Brownie Pan is made with an unusual zig zag design, so where the batter in a regular brownie pan will touch straight edges, here it will spill right into corners. Edges are chewier than the center pieces of brownies and corners are always even chewier. It’s not everyone’s favorite piece of brownie, but most corner piece fans have a strong preference for them over center-cut pieces. The pan is nonstick and measures about 15” X 16” X 2”, making it large enough to hold the batter for a brownie recipe – or a brownie mix – designed for a 9×13 pan. The pan can be used with cake batters and cake mixes, as well, so you’re not limited to baking brownies with it, though you won’t get the chewy edges that brownies do when baking other goodies.

The main competition for a pan like this one would be the Baker’s Edge pan, another nonstick pan with an unusual design that delivers brownies (and other baked goods) with far more edges than your standard bakeware. While that pan delivers more edges, this one gives you corners and  fudgier centerpieces with no edges at all, so there is more variety as well as more corners to enjoy!

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  • Lisa~~
    July 21, 2011

    Oh my, I need to avoid this pan as right now I “only” eat the four corner pieces but this pan would double my consumption!!

    Cook Lisa Cook

  • pooslie
    July 21, 2011

    i definitely reach for the middle!

    when will they come up with a brownie pan that is all middle, no edges? lol

  • This is the best idea ever! No more fighting for the corners – what a revelation!!

  • Debbie M
    July 22, 2011

    Even better, I just had brownies that seemed to be baked in a muffin pan (not filled very full). A mini muffin pan might work even better. All the brownies have edges all the way around, plus you probably already own one of these pans.

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