CI tests the Baker’s Edge

baker’s edge pan, with cobblerI’ve been using my Baker’s Edge pan for a couple of years with great results. The makers say that the pan “eliminate[s] the problems of undercooked middles and burned edges” in various baked goods. In my experience, it cooks everything very evenly and I really prefer brownies and bars baked in it because of the double edge effect that the pan produces because each portion ends up with a nice edge and a fudgy (or chewy, depending on what type of bar you’re making) center. I also like the way it makes serving and slicing so convenient. The Blackberry Cobbler pictured here ended up much neater than batches baked in larger pans.

This month, the Cook’s Illustrated test kitchen tried out the pan for themselves to see if – in their experienced onion and with a comprehensive analysis – the pan is as good as it promises to be. They tested batches of brownies and of lasagna and were very pleased with the results. The pan delivered all that the testers had hoped for and the brownies and baked pasta came out perfectly cooked and more reliably than those baked in a regular 9×13-inch pan. The test kitchen also noted Baker’s Edge lasagna held its shape much better during serving than a larger casserole version, much as my above-mentioned cobbler did.


  1. Does this pan work for any recipe that is supposed to be baked in a 9×13″?

  2. I’ve been resisting getting one. You’re not helping!

  3. I think I read about this pan, but must have forgotten about it. How cool is that!

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