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Kiss My Bundt: Recipes from the Award-Winning Bakery

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Kiss My BundtThere is something very homey about seeing a moist and freshly glazed bundt cake sitting on the kitchen counter just waiting to be sliced and served. Bundt cakes are a home-cooking type of cake, something that you don’t usually run out to a bakery to buy – unlike a dramatic layer cake or a fancy, frosted sheet cake. Because they’re associated with home baking, we associate them with comfort food. Kiss My Bundt: Recipes from the Award-Winning Bakery is a cookbook dedicated to this type of cake, full of bakery-quality recipes for cakes that are even better when they’re made at home.

Like most cookbooks, the book starts out with an introduction to the cakes and both the equipment and ingredients needed to make them. There are plenty of helpful tips that apply to all baking, not just to bundts, too. The book is divided up into chapters by the type of cake: Vanilla Bundts, Pound Bundts, Chocolate Bundts, Other Bunts, Marble Bundts and Savory Bundts. There is also a chapter on Frostings, Glazes and Ganaches. The basic vanilla bundt cake might just be the most versatile recipe in the book, but the savory cornbread bundt cake in the last chapter is probably the most unique. The recipes are clearly written and easy to follow along with, and the book is written to give you an idea of how these recipes are developed, so that you can easily put your own twists on the basics and come up with new flavor combinations.

You will need a bundt pan to make these recipes, but while you might need a variety of pans to get started with baking layer cakes, you only need one pretty, fluted pan to get started baking bundts. These cakes are self-decorating, easy to make and easy to serve. And they are always crowd pleasers, just as they were when your mom, your aunt, your neighbor or other loved one baked them to serve to you.

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  • Sourkraut
    April 18, 2011

    I love the title of the book. Sounds like a good one. Sadly, my bundt pan is underused and only gets dusted off a few times a year. Perhaps some recipes like these would help motivate me to use the poor thing more often.

  • Martha in KS
    April 18, 2011

    “You will need a bundt cake to make these recipes”
    ?? Do you mean bundt pan? lol

  • Cookie Sleuth
    April 22, 2011

    This bakery actually has classes on making bundt cakes. It’s a lot of fun! We each took home six mini bundts (that we made ourselves during the class) and recipes.

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